Individual counseling is an inner journey of self exploration that is focused on YOUR goals.  It is a collaborative effort that will help you shift out of the patterns that no longer serve you and steer you toward the life you desire. Working with an affirming and caring Psychotherapist can help support you so you can explore new and healthier ways to manage the challenges that you face in your everyday life.

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Couples Counselling

In couples/marriage counselling I use an attachment-oriented approach. Attachment is a broad theory of personality and human development that focuses, very much on emotion. The attachment approach starts from the very deep need we all have for safe connection and emotional contact. It is when we don’t get those basic human needs met that couples get stuck in very negative interactional patterns.

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Pastoral Counselling

Spiritual needs and concerns usually relate to what we call the “big” questions of life. Why is this happening? Why is it happening to me? What does it all mean? Pastoral counseling brings together psychotherapy with pastoral theological method and practice to provide a holistic approach that honours and integrates the spiritual dimension of each persons life and experience.

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For information call me, Chris Saxton, at my confidential voicemail 416 577-8215 or email me and together we can determine how I can best help you.