Individual Psychotherapy in Toronto

Are you in crisis, overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, or a flood of disturbing feelings?

Does your current condition inhibit your ability to work and to develop meaningful relationships?

Are you desperately trying to change an ongoing problem in your life, experiencing an undermining sense of isolation, struggling with feelings of low self-esteem, or trying to develop healthy and satisfying relationships?

I can help.

Individual therapy is an inner journey of self-exploration that is focused on you so you can find clarity of purpose in your life. Working with an affirming and caring Psychotherapist can help support you so you can explore new and healthier ways to manage the challenges that you face in your everyday life.

It is a collaborative effort that will help you shift out of the patterns that no longer serve you so you can move toward the life you desire. Psychotherapy provides clients with the opportunity to interact with the therapist in a way that they cannot with other individuals in their lives so you can feel in control of your life again.

I am available for therapy and counselling days and evenings, throughout the week, and on the weekend from two locations, in central Toronto near Spadina and St. Clair, and in the West End of Toronto near Jane and Annette.

I work with many individuals struggling with issues such as:

  • Addictions (substance or sexual)
  • Stress /Work and money issues /Family of origin issues
  • Depression /Feelings of hopelessness or unease
  • Anxiety /Feeling stuck, frightened, isolated, shut down
  • Grief /Loss and bereavement
  • Existential concerns (death and mortality, finding meaning in life)
  • Life transitions
  • LGBTQ issues

You may be eager to explore who you are, intent on trying to understand what you want and need, trying to figure out which direction to go in life, or simply vaguely dissatisfied with how your life has turned out.

Individual therapy can help you so you can:

  • Develop more fulfilling relationships.
  • Heal grief, past hurts and traumas.
  • Manage anger, depression and anxiety helping you face uncertainty in life
  • Cope more effectively with life changes.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Feel more balanced and whole.

Please don’t let anxiety; depression or relationship problems hold you back from achieving the life you were meant to lead. Psychotherapy offers you a medium and method through which you can change yourself and your life for the better. Though psychotherapy requires that you invest yourself in a process that can, at times, be intense and challenging, as a therapist, I promise that you will be listened to, respected, and supported without judgment so you can find the clarity needed to make the deep lasting and fundamental changes you desire.

For information call me, Chris Saxton, at my confidential voicemail 416 577-8215 or email me and together we can determine how I can best help you.