Couples & Marriage Counselling Toronto

Are you and your partner caught in a circular argument or fight over a particular issue or issues?
Over and over again you keep repeating the same negative interaction that leaves both of you feeling disconnected, distant and emotionally isolated from each other?

Then couples or marriage counseling can help your relationship.

I offer couples and marriage counseling to clients from Toronto & all parts of the GTA providing a place where both partners can share their thoughts, feelings and concerns with an unbiased other who can help weed throughout the distress to uncover what’s really going on for each partner. I am available for marriage and couples counselling days and evenings throughout the week and on the weekend from two locations, one in central Toronto near Spadina and St. Clair, and in the West End of Toronto near Jane and Annette. If you would like to deepen and strengthen the roots of your relationship and want to feel more securely connected to the one you love then please contact me.

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to most or all of these questions it indicates your relationship may be in trouble.

  • Do you find talking things over seems useless?
  • Do you try to solve problems on your own?
  • Are you or your partner sarcastic with one another?
  • Do you seem to lead parallel lives?
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Do attempts to repair hurt seem to backfire?
  • Is your sex life unfulfilling?
  • Do either of you feel frequently criticized by the other?
  • Do you feel blamed or find yourself feeling defensive?

Couple therapy and marriage counselling can help you and your partner:

  • Stop fighting
  • Heal old wounds in your relationship
  • Resolve recurring disagreements
  • Increase intimacy and improve communication
  • Create emotional security

To change and heal relationships, I use Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, which has been shown by research to improve intimacy and marital satisfaction, and to reduce conflict. Seventy percent of the couples who have participated in research studies reported significant improvement in their relationships at the end of treatment. For more information about EFT for couples, please visit

Are you are ready to take the first step in seeking help? If so, please consider contacting me to discuss how I might be able to assist you. I believe in getting to the heart of the matter and will do my best for you and your partner’s relationship.

 I will help you stop the dance of blame, distancing and mutual hurt. You will discover how to break out of the negative cycles that have become your enemy and will explore and learn new ways to achieve closeness and connection with your partner.

For information call me, Chris Saxton, at my confidential voicemail 416 577-8215 or email me and together we can determine how I can best help you.